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The National Standard "Mechanical Parking Equipment Design Code" seminar ended successfully

The National Standard "Mechanical Parking Equipment Design Code" seminar ended successfully

The National Standard "Mechanical Parking Equipment Design Code" seminar ended successfully

  In September 2018, the first draft seminar of the national standard "Design Specifications for Mechanical Parking Equipment" undertaken by Hengshui Qijia Parking Equipment Co., Ltd. was held in the Taocheng Hall of Hengshui Longyuan Hotel.

  This seminar is to discuss the design and development standards of the standard industry. Standardization is an important part of high-quality development and an indispensable part. The formulation of national standards for the design specifications of mechanical parking equipment can ensure the implementation of quality supervision and safety supervision measures, standardize the design standards of various enterprises, and enable the industry to develop and grow in a healthy direction.

  Cao Ningning, Chairman of Hengshui Qijia Parking Equipment, and Secretary-General Zhao of the National Hoisting Machinery Standardization Technical Committee, successively delivered opening speeches for the seminar.

  Meeting in progress

  Group photo of leaders, experts and professors at all levels

  After the seminar, all participants took a bus to visit the company. General Manager Shi Wentao and Director Li Yamei of Hengshui Qijia Parking Equipment Co., Ltd. led leaders at all levels to visit our workshop and garage prototypes.

  Director Li explains the company's development history

  Leaders and experts at all levels visited the company's production workshop

  Minister Li of the after-sales department explains various types of garage prototypes for everyone

  Tower garage

  Plain-Moving Type

  Vertical Circulation Type Mechanical Parking Equipment

  Leaders at all levels visited our company's workshops and prototypes and praised our company's various equipment and assembly lines. Especially the 11-layer vertical circulation prototype has won unanimous praise from leaders at all levels.

26 2022-04

Understanding of plane mobile three-dimensional garage

Plane mobile three-dimensional garage is a mechanical parking equipment that uses transporters or cranes to move vehicles or make the carrier plate move in the same floor to access vehicles.



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