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A new chapter in the battle between Chinese and foreign experts and vertical circulation

A new chapter in the battle between Chinese and foreign experts and vertical circulation

A new chapter in the battle between Chinese and foreign experts and vertical circulation

  (Qijia Group successfully carried out the secondary innovative design and transformation of vertical circulation equipment)

  Vertical circulation type parking equipment technology entered my country's parking industry at the end of the last century and the beginning of this century. However, the domestic industry has not been optimistic, and there are fewer market engineering cases. Until a few years ago, a so-called installation video of vertical circulation equipment from Germany was widely disseminated on the Internet, which aroused heated discussions throughout the industry. In just a few years, a group of enterprises in the industry have applied for vertical circulation manufacturing qualifications, and a lot of them have emerged. Batches of vertical circulation projects, and the proportion of vertical circulation in parking equipment is rapidly increasing.

  Qijia Group is one of the few domestic manufacturers that have obtained vertical circulation equipment technology earlier, and the product specifications have been changed from 7 floors to 9 floors and 11 floors. The equipment has been operating safely in Guangzhou, Fujian, Shijiazhuang, Beijing and other places, and has also been exported to ASEAN countries in large quantities, and is favored by foreign users.

  However, one of the same shortcomings in the structural characteristics of vertical circulation equipment at home and abroad is that there is no rotating system. To store a car, enter the garage before, and when you pick up the car, you can only exit the garage after driving. Compared with other intelligent parking equipment that has a rotating system configuration, which can enter the garage and leave the garage, it is obviously inconvenient for drivers, and it makes many female drivers with ordinary driving skills feel very scared.

  Qijia Group is determined to transform and innovate this traditional vertical circulation equipment structure. The company formed a research team composed of Chinese and foreign technical experts. Among them, the Korean engineers have been engaged in parking equipment design for more than 20 years. They are the leader of the expert group who introduced and digested German technology the earliest. The Chinese engineers in the research group are also senior domestic designers, experts in the national industry expert database, and the drafting group of relevant national standards. member. Under the command of the company's leaders, they overcome language barriers and use the computer-aided design system to overcome many problems. They borrowed the principles of other intelligent garage rotation systems, and finally creatively designed a new structure of the vertical circulation equipment rotation system.

  After repeated modifications and tests, the first domestic or possibly the world's first vertical circulation parking equipment with a rotating system was finally successfully tested in Qijia Group.

  Qijia Group has taken into account the social reality that the proportion of electric vehicles has increased since the implementation of the new energy policy in the country, and designed and configured a power charging system for new vertical circulation equipment at the same time. This is another technological breakthrough in the parking industry.

  Qijia Group has equipped a rotating system for vertical circulation equipment, which has caused great repercussions in the parking industry, and has been widely praised by many urban planning and design departments, engineering design institutes and users. They said that they have seen this equipment before, and it is good in all aspects, that is, it is inconvenient to park and pick up the car. Now with the rotation system, this inconvenience is solved, and it can be used in more occasions and projects. Equipment.

  (In order to protect intellectual property rights and innovative achievements, Qijia Group has applied for national patent protection in the first time. Qijia Group kindly reminds: patented technology, do not imitate, if necessary, welcome cooperation)

26 2022-04

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