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Leading the Future-Building a New Generation of SUV Vertical Cycle Parking Garage

Leading the Future-Building a New Generation of SUV Vertical Cycle Parking Garage

  • Categories:News
  • Time of issue:2021-09-07

Leading the Future-Building a New Generation of SUV Vertical Cycle Parking Garage

  • Categories:News
  • Time of issue:2021-09-07

Leading the Future-Building a New Generation of SUV Vertical Cycle Parking Garage

Product innovation is the driving force of enterprise development

    As an enterprise, technological innovation is always the essential source of power for enterprise survival. Technological innovation can promote enterprises to continuously develop, design and produce a variety of new products to meet market demand. Product innovation is the continuation and depth of technological innovation. 

    After years of experience accumulation, Hengshui Qijia Group's R&D team will bring the fifth generation of 9-story SUV vertical circulation three-dimensional parking garage to the market in 2021.

  The new generation of 9-story SUV vertical circulation stereo parking garage



Product Features  Build a strong body Structural part 

    The frame adopts modular segment design, and the advanced production process ensures the precise production of each segment module to enhance the precision and stability of equipment assembly.

    The standard segment frames can be interchanged like bolts and bearings for different projects and different levels of equipment, making it easier to shorten the delivery cycle.


Transmission part

    The drive system adopts double drive method with double chain discs on both sides, which improves both quality and quantity in terms of operation accuracy, equipment noise reduction and safety risk avoidance.

      The motor sprocket and tail side sprocket are connected by universal coupling, which not only ensures the synchronization of front and rear drive, but also compensates the installation error through the unique centering function to ensure the accuracy and stability of front and rear drive.














 Guiding Wheel

    A large pitch four-wheel guiding mechanism is adopted, in which two guiding wheels are set on the crossbeam of the frame above the pallet, and the other two guiding wheels are arranged on the carrier plate below the pallet.

    The four guide wheels are arranged above and below the pallet, which can minimize the pallet swing and reduce the impact on the guide groove when the pallet and the vehicle are stopped.

    The accuracy of the core parts of the pallet is ensured with tooling to ensure that the position of the 4 guide wheels is consistent for all pallets.





Circulation chain

The circulating chain adopts roller bearing structure, the rolling body is cylindrical, and the rolling body and the inner and outer rings of the bearing are in line contact, which can not only bear heavy load but also reduce the running resistance.

 Carrier plate advantage

    The pallet adopts roller press line roll forming, which roll presses the flat steel plate into corrugated structure and has upward deflection at the same time, which fully improves the strength and rigidity of the pallet and enhances the load-bearing capacity and safety of the pallet.



Auxiliary mirror

Wide field of view auxiliary mirror design, arranged in the rear of the equipment, auxiliary mirror size 1740mm long * 1150mm high, the user parking into the process can be clearly seen through the auxiliary mirror all the vehicle body and the relative position of the pallet, you can timely fine-tune the direction of the steering wheel to ensure that the vehicle is in the center of the pallet position. Even novice drivers can easily complete the process of parking into the garage.

    Hengshui Qijia Group will continue to adhere to the innovative concept of "reform and innovation, adjustment and optimization, development and upgrading" to provide better quality products for our customers in the parking equipment market.

26 2022-04

Understanding of plane mobile three-dimensional garage

Plane mobile three-dimensional garage is a mechanical parking equipment that uses transporters or cranes to move vehicles or make the carrier plate move in the same floor to access vehicles.



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