Hangzhou Fuyang District Stork Mountain Wisdom Three-dimensional Warehouse Completed

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Hangzhou rich mountain stork mountain three-dimensional warehouse built and put into use.

Hangzhou Fuyang District Stork Mountain Wisdom Three-dimensional Warehouse Completed

[Hangzhou Urban Management News, December 4] Near Stork Mountain Road is the core of the old city of Fuyang, where two schools and a hospital gather. During the period of going to and from school, the flow of people and vehicles is extremely dense. However, due to the shortage of parking spaces in the surrounding area and insufficient expansion of new space, parking tension has become the norm here. During peak hours, it can only be suspended on the road. It is very difficult for citizens who pick up and drop off their children to stop directly!

In 2020, Fuyang City Management began to plan to build a parking garage here, and has conducted field surveys with the District Urban Construction Group many times. However, due to the small area and dense houses nearby, it has always been unable to find a suitable site. In order to solve this land use contradiction, the two sides discussed the berth space expansion plan for many times, and finally decided to build a three-dimensional parking garage in combination with the renovation project of the old residential area nearby.

Recently, 50 meters away from Fuyang District Experimental Primary School, the construction of this brand-new stork mountain intelligent three-dimensional garage has finally been completed! The parking garage covers an area of 280 square meters, with a total of 5 floors and 54 berths. It is the first closed smart three-dimensional parking garage in Fuyang District. According to the area of a ground parking space of 25 square meters, this 54-parking garage only occupies about 11 ground parking spaces, saving nearly 80% of the land area.

The parking lot also integrates intelligence, convenience, and safety. It has functions such as intelligent light curtain, human body sensing, and one-button pick-up. The access time is only 60 seconds, and the vehicle turnover efficiency is greatly improved. Convenient parking experience meets the parking needs of surrounding residents and parents.