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2020 Qijia Group welcomes a good start

2020 Qijia Group welcomes a good start

  • Categories:News
  • Time of issue:2020-01-04

2020 Qijia Group welcomes a good start

  • Categories:News
  • Time of issue:2020-01-04

  Congratulations to Hengshui Qijia Parking Equipment Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Hebei Qijia Group, for winning two consecutive major bids for the "Lianyungang First People's Hospital Vertical Cycle Stereo Garage Equipment"with a bid amount of RMB 9789000.00, and "China Railway Construction International City (Guiyang)  Group G The winning bid for the “Vertical Circulating Parking Equipment for Groups” project was 15135900.00 yuan. The winning bid for the tens of millions of Stereo parking lot project is another key day in the history of Hebei Qijia Group.

  In the new year and new weather, the winning of the two major projects has kicked off the Group’s 2020 start. The project has a short construction period,stringent specifications and heavy tasks. For this reason, the company held a seminar and the heads of various departments made speeches and agreed to fully mobilize the whole group. Staff strength, go all out, work hard, and live up to expectations.

  Looking back on 2019, we have achieved brilliant results; looking forward to 2020, we have a clear goal with confidence. We will act immediately to defeat our opponents and win a good start with high morale! Written a glorious new chapter for Qijia, and now the two major battles have started, "Qijia people" need to set off on the journey again.We must take advantage of the two major projects to persevere and uphold the "survival by quality, development by reputation" Company philosophy, adhere to the business philosophy of "cooperation and win-win", with the consistent pursuit of responsibility, fight for the brand, fight for honor, achieve safety, quality and quantity to complete the two major projects on time,and deliver a satisfactory answer to the people of Guiyang and Lianyungang with brilliant performance of high quality and high efficiency.

  2020 will be a year for us to make great strides!

  We solemnly swear:

  We are the creators of new brilliance

  We are the makers of new miracles

  We are the writers of a new future

  A passion is the starting point of our struggle

  The spirit of our battle is to go forward

  We have a neat and unified pace

  Let's lead the future and create new successes

  Let's set sail for 2020 and win the Year of the Rat.

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Understanding of plane mobile three-dimensional garage

Plane mobile three-dimensional garage is a mechanical parking equipment that uses transporters or cranes to move vehicles or make the carrier plate move in the same floor to access vehicles.



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