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What are the functions of the intelligent parking system

What are the functions of the intelligent parking system

What are the functions of the intelligent parking system

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  The parking lot management system is a network system built by computers, network equipment, and lane management equipment to manage the entry and exit of vehicles in the parking lot, guide the flow of vehicles in the parking lot, and collect parking fees. It is an essential tool for professional parking management companies. The intelligent parking lot system market is gradually expanding and is firmly established in the market, so what are the functions that the intelligent parking system should have?

  1. Anti-smashing function: parking system when the vehicle is directly under the barrier, the ground sensing coil detects the presence of the vehicle, the barrier will not fall, the parking system will support offline operation until the vehicle is completely driven away from it. .

  2. The pressure wave prevents people or cars from hitting. In places where pedestrians may pass under the brake lever, in order to prevent smashing people, pressure wave detectors must be installed, which can prevent smashing people and vehicles.

  3. Support the working mode of permanent card and temporary card, automatic identification, record storage.

  4. The barrier can be opened manually after system power failure.

  5. One car, one card, one entry and one exit. Only when you enter, you can go out, and you can only come in after you go out. Customers should be careful not to be fooled by the limited-use access control modification system.

  6. The parking lot system full detection function: set the parking space of the parking lot in the management computer. If the vehicle entering the parking lot reaches the parking space, the computer will remind the administrator and display the parking space on the electronic display screen.

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