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The importance of underground parking lot design

The importance of underground parking lot design

The importance of underground parking lot design

  People ask me all the time. Parking lots are easy.Is it necessary to optimize parking spaces, traffic flow guidance signs, traffic safety facilities, and zoning design?

  My answer: parking lot design is very important.

  Below I from several points for you to analyze the Hubei parking lot plan design is very necessary.

  1. Necessity for owners.

  ① When buying a parking space, the owner can clearly see the actual appearance of the entire parking lot through the drawings, so that it is convenient to choose a parking space. For example, if A wants to buy a parking space, he can quickly find his own building through the drawings according to the building he lives in, find a parking space near his building, and then find his own parking space more conveniently according to the entrance and exit of the parking lot. It is convenient to park by yourself and quickly find the elevator stairwell, which is convenient for going home and going out.

  ②The owner can quickly enter and exit at a glance through our reasonable planning of the parking lot, and clearly find the parking lot exit, fire safety facilities, safety exit, equipment room and staircase elevator hall. If an emergency situation effectively reduces our stay in the parking lot, it can also be handled properly.

  2. For developers

  ①Optimization of parking lot drawings can optimize more parking spaces based on the actual structure of the parking lot. We can plan more and more reasonable parking spaces through the measurement of drawings. After careful optimization design, developers can virtually bring hundreds of thousands or even tens of millions of output value.

  ②For the Property management company, you can clearly see the dynamics of the entire parking lot according to the drawings, and where unsafe factors exist, they must be resolved in time for better management.

  3. For the construction party

  ①The design of the parking lot shows our strength and professionalism, and helps us win the bid more effectively.

  ② The construction party can better estimate the amount of construction materials for the parking lot based on the data on the design of the Hubei parking lot, select materials in advance, save time and avoid waste.

  ③The construction staff can make better construction according to the parking lot drawings, avoid unnecessary errors and rework and other troubles, so as to speed up the project progress, which can greatly effectively save materials and labor costs.

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