"Digital China Construction Overall Layout Plan" issued parking industry digital development to add momentum

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Recently, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council issued the overall layout plan for the construction of digital China.(Hereinafter referred to as the Planning),2025In the year, China will basically form a horizontal, vertical, coordinated and powerful integrated promotion pattern, and make important progress in the construction of digital China. Digital infrastructure is efficiently connected, the scale and quality of data resources are accelerated, the value of data elements is effectively released, and the quality and efficiency of digital economic development is greatly enhanced.

The Plan points out that it is necessary to consolidate the foundation for the construction of Digital China. One is to open up the main artery of digital infrastructure. speed up5GNetwork and gigabit optical network collaborative construction, in-depth promotionIPv6Scale deployment and application, promote the overall development of mobile Internet of Things, and vigorously promote the application of Beidou scale. The system optimizes the layout of computing power infrastructure, promotes the efficient complementarity and synergy of computing power between the east and west, and guides the general data center and supercomputing center.,Intelligent computing center, edge data center and other reasonable ladder layout. Improve the level of application infrastructure as a whole, and strengthen the digital and intelligent transformation of traditional infrastructure. The second is to smooth the large cycle of data resources. Build a national data management system and mechanism, and improve the overall data management institutions at all levels. We will promote the pooling and utilization of public data and build national data repositories in important areas such as public health, science and technology, and education. Unleash the value potential of commercial data, accelerate the establishment of a data property rights system, conduct research on the valuation of data assets, and establish a mechanism for the participation and distribution of data elements according to their value contributions.

The Plan calls for fostering and strengthening the core industries of the digital economy, studying and formulating the pushMeasures to develop the high-quality development of the digital industry and build an internationally competitive digital industry cluster. Promote the deep integration of digital technology and the real economy, and accelerate digital technology innovation in key areas such as agriculture, industry, finance, education, medical care, transportation, and energy.Use. Support the development and growth of digital enterprises, improve the working mechanism of integration and innovation of large and medium-sized enterprises, and play a role in the development of digital enterprises.The guiding role of "green light" investment cases to promote the standardized and healthy development of platform enterprises.

The "Plan" requires the establishment and improvement of an overall coordination mechanism for the construction of Digital China, timely study and solve major issues in digital development, promote cross-departmental coordination and upper-lower linkages, and grasp the supervision and implementation of major tasks and major projects. Carry out monitoring and evaluation of digital China development. The construction of Digital China as a reference for the assessment and evaluation of relevant party and government leaders.

The Plan proposes innovative funding support methods and strengthens the overall guidance of various types of funds. Give full play to the role of the national industry and finance cooperation platform to guide financial resources to support digital development. Encourage and guide capital norms to participate in the construction of digital China, and build an investment and financing system with effective participation of social capital..