After-sales service

After-sales measures The company promises to implement a 24-month warranty on the equipment, and if the equipment fails, send someone to provide 24-hour all-day service.

After-sales measures

The company promises to implement a 24-month warranty for the equipment, and if the equipment

fails, send someone to provide 24-hour all-day service;
The warranty period is 12 months. During the warranty period, maintenance service is provided free of charge, and the faulty parts are replaced free of charge. If the host has major quality problems, replace the host;
If it is damaged by man-made or force majeure, the faulty parts shall be replaced at cost price. After the warranty period, regular follow-up visits will be made to the operation of the equipment, and free training and maintenance personnel and relevant technical support will be provided to Party A, and accessories will be provided at cost price.

Quality assurance and maintenance

The warranty period is 12 months from the date when the relevant quality inspection agency passes the equipment inspection and issues the "Major Maintenance Supervision and Inspection Report for Installation and Reconstruction of Mechanical Parking Equipment"; If the equipment fails due to the quality of our equipment and installation, our company will arrive at the site to deal with the failure within 6 hours (within 200 kilometers) after receiving the notice from the customer, and be responsible for free maintenance;
The People's Insurance Company of China covers third-party liability insurance for mechanical three-dimensional parking equipment due to product quality (Note: In accordance with the requirements of the insurance company's insurance regulations, the customer must be equipped with qualified operators on the equipment site, and The insurance company can accept the accident only by accurately recording the accident process and reporting the insurance in time);
The customer shall operate the equipment correctly according to the equipment operation instructions provided by our company. The equipment failure caused by the operation error of the customer's personnel (the equipment operator assigned by the customer, the vehicle driver, etc.) is not within the scope of our free warranty. However, our company will arrive at the site for repair within 2 hours (50km -100km) after receiving the notice from the customer, and the relevant maintenance costs will be borne by the customer.

Routine maintenance

Once per month
Cleaning, lubrication, adjustment, inspection/maintenance of the loading plate
Steel structure and guide rail maintenance/lifting drive system maintenance/electrical operating system maintenance/safety protection device maintenance
Comprehensive inspection of each transmission part of the garage/necessary adjustment of each safety device/working condition inspection of the electrical control system
Once a year
The brake device, transmission and chain, steel structure, etc. shall be fully inspected and adjusted, and the severely worn parts shall be replaced. And do a comprehensive technical inspection, the work of the garage status evaluation, the development of annual maintenance plan.

Service Commitment

Our company implements nanny service to customers, the specific contents are as follows:

① Free to provide you with garage planning and design;
② Free debugging equipment for you until acceptance, accreditation;
③ Free for you optional garage auxiliary system;
④ Provide lifelong equipment maintenance services;
⑤ Provide 1-year free warranty service for the whole machine;

⑥ Free long-distance transportation of equipment;
⑦ Install the purchased equipment for you free of charge;
⑧ Provide various technical support services before, during and after sales free of charge;
⑨ Free training of equipment operation and maintenance personnel;
⑩ Free equipment insurance and provide return service.