The 5th Hebei International Industrial Design Week opens

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Our company was invited to participate in the 5th Hebei International Industrial Design Week

The 5th Hebei International Industrial Design Week opens

Focus on the design of the event, flying design talent. From November 10 to 13, 2022, the 5th Hebei International Industrial Design Week will be held in Xiongan Commercial Service Exhibition Center. With the theme of "Design for a New Future City", this design week focuses on international cutting-edge design and design-enabling industrial clusters, and is committed to making cities smarter and more livable. In order to create a "city of the future", it is urgent to alleviate the current parking problem. So how to design a parking lot has become an art.

On November 9, Zhang Guohua, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, Vice Governor, Secretary of the Party Working Committee and Director of the Management Committee of Xiongan New District, went to Xiongan Commercial Service Exhibition Center to investigate the preparations for the Fifth Hebei International Industrial Design Week. He stressed the need for careful organization and preparation, fine service guarantee. It is necessary to do a good job in all kinds of safety and security work in an all-round way, especially to strictly implement various measures for epidemic prevention and control, and strengthen the guarantee of road traffic, fire control, communications, and electric power, so as to ensure the complete success of the Fifth Hebei International Industrial Design week.

Hengshui Qijia Parking Equipment Co., Ltd. was finally invited to participate in the Fifth International Design Exhibition by virtue of years of experience in designing and developing intelligent three-dimensional garages and continuous innovation and upgrading of technology. According to an interview with Hebei Daily, Du Xili, the designer of our company's three-dimensional garage, said: At present, the three-dimensional warehouse in the market is mainly driven by single drive, and the equipment has potential safety hazards. In view of this problem, our company has carried out reform and innovation on the equipment drive mode, successfully designed the double drive mode, and carried out the heavy load continuous operation experiment in the company to meet the requirements of the market. At present, our company has obtained 9 utility model patents in the fields of anti-collision structure of vehicle board, solar photovoltaic power generation system, hydraulic anti-sway device of vehicle board, and lifting platform system of access vehicle.

We live in a world of accelerated integration of virtual and reality. Only by meeting the huge demand for the integration of science and creativity can we have a new future city. Hengshui Qijia Parking Equipment Co., Ltd. has been committed to alleviating the problem of parking difficulties for many years. It always adheres to the business idea of "cooperation and win-win", seizes opportunities and has the courage to innovate, so that science and creativity play a huge role in the process of creating a new future city, and strive to be the "trendsetters" of the new era ".