Understanding of Lifting and Transverse Stereo Garage

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Lifting and traversing three-dimensional garage is a parking device that uses a vehicle-carrying board to lift or traverse access vehicles. Generally, it is a quasi-unmanned method, that is, a method in which a person moves a car after leaving the device.

Understanding of Lifting and Transverse Stereo Garage

Working principle:

Each parking space is equipped with a car carrier plate. The upper car carrier plate only performs lifting operation, and the ground car carrier plate only performs lateral operation. There is a space on the ground floor, and the space can be changed from left to right with the lateral movement of the vehicle carrying plate, so that the upper vehicle carrying plate corresponding to the lower space is lowered to the ground, so that the vehicle enters or leaves the parking space. Mainly through the lifting or transverse movement of the carrier plateTransport the vehicle to the destination location.

Main technical parameters:


Lifting method: chain type

Operation mode:ICCard+Digital key mode

Control system:PLCSystem

Power demand: three-phase five-wire system 380V

Scope of application:

Generally applicable to the hospital basement and ground, residential basement and ground, office buildings, hospitals, shopping malls and other areas with large parking demand, the net height of the basement is greater3.62mYou can.

Advantages of equipment features:

  • Assembled foundation

There is no need for on-site production. All steel bars in this construction process are factory-made, which is shorter than the traditional construction process and requires less construction site. It is our company's original fabricated foundation for lifting and traversing three-dimensional garage.

  • Transmission part

The double-row power chain drive improves the safety factor and ensures the stability of the garage during operation; the driving chain walking path is laid on the longitudinal beamHIn the abdominal cavity of the section steel, it avoids interference in the parking space area and also plays a role in preventing oil drops. The steel structure of the driving part adopts the design of independent unit support, which effectively strengthens the structure of the power unit and improves the stability of the garage.

  • Overside prevention system

The upper and lower limit switches of the lifting plate are equipped with limit offside switches to prevent the lifting of the plate out of control due to limit failure, overload damage to the motor, and even the occurrence of drag chain falling plate accidents.

  • intelligent photoelectric detection system

GaragePLCWith the linked photoelectric detection device, the system can automatically identify the personnel in the library and can only be started when there is no one to ensure the safety of users. At the same time, it can also automatically detect whether the appearance and size of the vehicle meet the size of the garage.

  • remote monitoring system

Qijia after-sales remote service platform provides customers with real-time video monitoring of equipment,Able to view at any timeProjectcarried outEach stage,Services can be managed centrally,At the same time, it can further improve the management level and nip in the bud.