Gorgeous turn, perfect upgrade

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Hengshui qijia parking equipment co., ltd. vertical cycle class appearance perfect upgrade.

Gorgeous turn, perfect upgrade

Hengshui qijia parking equipment co., ltd. vertical cycle class appearance perfect upgrade.

This upgrade, we mainly from the product shape, product color, guide signs three aspects of redesign. This appearance will be used as the standard appearance of our company's vertical circulation class, and has applied for a patent at present.

The establishment of the vertical circulation standard appearance proves that our company has taken another step forward on the road of professionally manufacturing mechanical three-dimensional parking equipment.

multi view renderings:

different layers of renderings:

combination of row effect diagram:

garage part of the picture:

Project picture:

Eleventh floor small car garage


Seven-story SUV garage


Product modeling:

From science fiction, simple, modern, full of power and other directions to design, the overall design adopts"Less is more" modern design concept, the overall appearance is simple but not simple.

       Product color:

The collocation of color is both an art and a science. In color matching, deep cold gray is used as the main color to set off the main character.-- Orange red, the warm color of orange red and the cold blue of the sky and the gray of the main color form a sharp contrast of cold and warm, gray and color, and bright and dark. The main character orange red can give people a comfortable feeling within a certain range. When the range is large, it can make people feel nervous and play a warning role, so as to ensure the safety of the driver.

Guide placards:

The sign is located at the front door of the garage shutter door, which clearly indicates the size of the garage parking and the precautions when accessing the car.

Company Profile

Hengshui Qijia Parking Equipment Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Hebei Qijia Group, was established inIn 2012, it covers an area of more than 235 acres and has a modern factory building specializing in the production of mechanical three-dimensional parking equipment in the northern region. The factory covers an area of up to 100000 square meters. Our company has introduced advanced management concepts and technologies. The product categories cover: vertical circulation, vertical lifting, plane movement, lifting and traversing, multi-layer circulation, simple lifting, etc. It is a collection of scientific research, design, production, Sales, installation and after-sales service are an enterprise specializing in the production of three-dimensional garages.

The company continues to pass.ISO9001 quality management system, OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification. The company has advanced equipment such as large-scale section steel automatic welding assembly line, automatic welding assembly line for car-carrying plate, three-dimensional drilling, large-scale numerical control plate shearing machine, large-scale laser cutting machine, wave plate forming assembly line, side beam production assembly line, large-scale shot blasting derusting assembly line and full-automatic spraying assembly line.

Our company will take advantageThe company philosophy of "Forever Qijia, Unchanging Sincerity", "Survival by Quality, Development by Reputation", adhere to the business philosophy of "Cooperation, Win-Win", seize opportunities, be brave to innovate, and make Qijia bigger Be stronger and make greater contributions to solving the problem of parking difficulties in China.

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