Mini vertical circulation stereo garage

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Mini vertical circulation stereo garage


With the rapid development of China's economy, people's living standards are improving day by day, making our country parkingThe difficult problem is becoming increasingly prominent. Especially the old community, pre-constructionThe number of reserved parking spaces is small, which can not meet the current parking needs of residents. Some people find every opportunity when parking, parking is not standardized, and occupy the sidewalks and fire passages of the community, which not only affects traffic, but also is not conducive to neighborhood harmony, and there are many potential safety hazards.

The source of parking difficulties in old residential areas lies in planning, mainly because of the difficulty in confirming the rights of parking spaces,SexUnclear qualitative positioning and due to the involvement of multiple interests.ofdifficult decision-making.Hengshui QijiaThe newly developed mini vertical circulation stereo garage can solve the problem of parking in old residential areas.

Our company's Baoding Zhonglianliang project is a prominent case. The address is located in Jingxiu District of Baoding City. Due to less idle land, the number of parking spaces is tight. Parking problem has been plagued by local residents. Due to the shortage of land, it is impossible to build a large parking lot. Construction of mini vertical loop stereo garage will become the first choice.

Mini vertical circulation stereo garageSmall footprint, flexible layout, can make full use of fragmented open space.GarageLow height, does not affect the lighting of residential buildings.Simple installation and short installation timeIt will not affect the lives of residents due to the occupation of the road during installation or the noise during installation..When the garage is runningLow noise, does not affect the lives of residents.With a live object detection device, the safety of the garage is greatly improved.Access to the car is fast, which can meet the needs of centralized access to the car during rush hours.Simple operation, easy to use,It also has a charging function, which can charge electric vehicles,And aroundresident lifeenvironmental coordination.

A new generation of vertical cycle parking equipment can also achieve solar power supply+Energy storage. After installing photovoltaic panels on top of the equipment, the average daily power generation is in20-30Electricity, the motor used in the device.5.5kW, assuming daily access50vehicle, the average power consumption is about3Degree.So, photovoltaic panels1The electricity generated by the day can support the continuous operation of the equipment.7-10days, enough to meet the demand for access cars in old neighborhoods. This makes the installation of the equipment, do not need to make adjustments to the community transformer, do not need to lay cables from the transformer to the installation location, greatly simplifying the construction steps, reducing the construction difficulty.

There are many elderly people living in old residential areas, so it is particularly important to solve the noise problem. To reduce these noises,Equipment from four aspects to doImprovement,One isAdjust the power parameters of the drive motor through the frequency converter to reduce the electromagnetic noise of the motor;Two isAdjust the loop chain tightness by adjusting the height of the top guide rail to prevent the loop chain roller from colliding with the guide rail;Three isThe outer layer of the guide wheel is wrapped with elastic rubber pad, which effectively reduces the noise when contacting with the guide groove;Four isBy taking various measures, the noise generated by the impact of the vehicle on the vehicle carrier plate during parking is effectively reduced.

Only by adapting to the needs of social development can we develop better products. Hengshui Qijia Group has always focused on creating a safer, smarter, more beautiful, and best-quality national brand of mechanical garages, so as to increase the narrow space.NTimes. To make greater contributions to solving the problem of parking difficulties in China.