Qiqihar First Hospital Stereo Garage Completed

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Qiqihar First Hospital Stereo Garage Completed

Qiqihar First Hospital is located in the center of Hecheng. It has become the largest medical care center and emergency first aid center in the western region of Heilongjiang Province that integrates medical treatment, prevention, scientific research, teaching, and rehabilitation. The scope of medical services was expanded to the eastern part of Inner Mongolia and the northwest of Jilin Province, with 10 million radiation population. In order to solve the problem of parking difficulties for patients seeking medical treatment and shorten the waiting time for medical treatment, Qiqihar First Hospital has reached a cooperation with our company to transform the underground parking lot in the south section of the hospital and build lifting and traversing three-dimensional parking equipment.


In order not to affect the parking and travel of patients in the hospital area, but also to ensure the traffic order around the hospital, we adopted the construction method of zoning and time period during the construction of the project, stepping up the construction progress while maximizing the daily parking needs of users.


In the early stage of project preparation, the design team conducted on-site investigation and visit, fully considering the hospital's urgent need for increasing the number of parking spaces and being limited by the environmental impact of underground parking topography, and finally determined the construction scheme of positive one negative one and negative one positive two according to local conditions.


After the completion of the project, Qiqihar First Hospital will add new parking spaces.346This makes it faster and more efficient for patients to seek medical treatment, saving time and labor costs for patients and hospitals. For patients to reduce some anxiety, so that doctors work to increase some convenience.

Qijia Parking Equipment Co., Ltd. has been on the road. We are researching and exploring more practical, efficient, more stable, safe, and more durable three-dimensional parking products, focusing on customer needs to solve parking problems.

I would like to thank Qiqihar First Hospital for its strong cooperation and comprehensive support, and thank the leaders and employees of the whole hospital for their active cooperation.