L2 level automatic driving wave hit, intelligent parking enterprises how to deal?

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L2 level automatic driving wave hit, intelligent parking enterprises how to deal?
On April 18, the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show opened. Major manufacturers fought for high-level smart driving, and the smart car industry entered a period of rapid growth. According to the survey, most of the cars with automatic driving function have reached the L2 level and gradually approached the L3 level. Citic Securities 2022Q4 research report pointed out that the L2 level automatic driving penetration rate is expected to reach 60% in 2025.
With the wave of L2 level automatic driving, the intelligent parking lot suitable for automatic parking has become the next direction of the parking industry. In 2022, Shanghai and Beijing have successively introduced relevant smart parking service level standards. Shanghai's Notice on Accelerating the Construction of Smart Parking Lots (Garages) in the City makes it clear that G3 smart public parking lots can provide autonomous parking and autonomous pick-up assistance services for autonomous vehicles.
Since the beginning of this year, more and more cities have begun to explore the construction of intelligent network-connected automatic parking lots. In March, Chengdu and Changde respectively launched bidding and procurement in this area:
-Chengdu Investment Smart Parking Industry Company issued a notice on the comparison and selection of AVP parking lot scenery construction projects based on V2X vehicle-road coordination, requiring the construction of autonomous valet parking (AVP) parking lot scenery in about 20 parking spaces in designated parking lots.
-Changde City Economic Wanhe Property Company issued a tender announcement for the intelligent network parking lot project, which requires the construction and renovation of 54 parking lots, requiring the construction of at least one intelligent network automatic parking lot to realize the automatic parking function of intelligent cars above L2 level.
At the enterprise level, smart parking enterprises such as Jieshun Technology and Coto have successively cooperated with car machine system enterprises to make strategic preparations for the construction of automatic parking smart parking lots in the future.
The wave of automatic driving has hit, and it has also triggered new problems and thinking in the industry:
What impact will the popularity of L2 autonomous driving bring to the parking industry? What new requirements will be put forward for the current parking management equipment and systems?
-- What strategic arrangements should the relevant enterprises in the parking industry make in advance? Is it necessary to cooperate with the vehicle system enterprises/automobile manufacturers in advance? Build the self-parking related system equipment in the parking lot in advance?
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