Hengshui Qijia, leader of intelligent garage in parking industry

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Hengshui Qijia, leader of intelligent garage in parking industry

From May 29th to 31st, the 23rd China International Urban Parking Industry Expo closed at the China International Exhibition Center (Chaoyang Pavilion) in Beijing. More than 100 parking equipment companies across the country, including Hengshui Qijia, demonstrated mechanical parking Equipment and accessories and new technologies and new achievements of smart parking systems.

In this parking exhibition, Hengshui Qijia appeared at booth 8A06. Visitors from home and abroad in an endless stream, have set foot on my company exhibition area, watch my company's latest research and development results demonstration.

At the new product conference, Li Ran, the R & D minister of our company, gave a report on the new generation of vertical circulation parking equipment. By introducing the practicability and applicability of mini vertical circulation parking equipment, it has won the high recognition of industry peers and visitors. In today's society, the problem of parking difficulties has become increasingly prominent, especially in old communities, "more cars and fewer places", which makes parking "see every opportunity" phenomenon common. Parking is not standardized, occupying sidewalks and fire exits, which not only affects traffic, but also has great safety hazards. The emergence of mini vertical circulation stereo garage equipment, so that this problem can be solved. Small footprint, low height, convenient access to the car and other characteristics, making his application market is extremely broad. It reflects that our company has truly achieved practicality and technology in product research and development.

Focus on creating a safer, smarter, more beautiful and the best quality mechanical garage democratic brand, so that the narrow space increased N 1 times. Hengshui Qijia Group will not disgrace its mission and make greater contributions to the development of the intelligent parking industry.