Keep improving for a long time

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Keep improving for a long time

Recently, a large-scale high temperature in Hebei has struck, and the highest temperatures in various places are37Above ℃. The workshop workers of Hengshui Qijia parking equipment are still working hard in their respective posts in this hot summer. Although sweating like rain, but still full of energy.

Heart in a art, Its art must work; heart in the post His job must be done. The worker brothers concentrate on their jobs and keep their responsibilities in mind, so they have a high level of technology, exquisite processing technology and excellent product quality.

Keep improving, pursue the ultimate, persevere, and work for a long time.SuchIf water is the source of life, then qualityIs it not the life of the enterprise?,Enterprises to the quality of survival.The strict requirements for quality have been deeply embedded in the hearts of every Qijia person. In Qijia workshop, from the workshop director to the workers, they will not let go of every small detail in the production process, and at the same time, the quality requirements of the products are extremely strict. In the workshop, there is always"Small change small leather", most of them come from workshop workers. From the use of a nut to the rectification of the machine, they all reflect their attitude towards the pursuit of excellence in their work.

Labor is the most beautiful scenery, Practical work is the most simple quality, Creation is the most beautiful potential Dedication is the most selfless spirit. Do not forget your initiative mind Always. In this hot summer, let's praise Qijia Workers Brothers and Qijiiren.