Congratulations to Qijia Group on the Successful Holding of the 2023 Commencement Conference

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Congratulations to Qijia Group on the Successful Holding of the 2023 Commencement Conference

On the 6th of the first month of 2023, Qijia Group held the 2023 commencement meeting in Kunlun Hotel. In the new year, we are all dreamers, and the road ahead is long. I hope you and I will work together to welcome a more wonderful year. I wish you all good luck, peace and health.



At the opening meeting, Cao zong, chairman and general manager of our company, made an important speech. This paper traces the development process of Qijia group since its establishment, understands the development direction of "maximizing the profits of enterprises and individuals" this year, and defines the five-year plan of "building a first-class enterprise. In the new year, we will continue to work towards the ultimate goal of creating a new era of "enterprise" and "home.




Director Chen Hua of the Group's Enterprise Management Office made a system summary and sharing on enterprise management and salary performance at the conference, conveying a more advanced and scientific enterprise management concept to everyone.




Minister Xing Xiaorui of the Group's Finance Department made a detailed analysis of the relevant financial systems and pointed out how the various departments of the company can "cut expenditure" in the new year ".




Li Ran, Minister of R & D Department, explained in detail the advanced technology and patents of our company's three-dimensional garage at the conference, so that everyone has a deeper understanding of the company's three-dimensional parking equipment.



New year new weather. This year, our company signed a contract with Shenyang Intelligent Robot Innovation Center Co., Ltd. to reach a strategic cooperation. Hand in hand, cooperation and development. Continuously seeking more advanced technology.



The joy and excitement of the Spring Festival still linger in our hearts, but a new journey has begun. In the new year, we will write a more exciting chapter with a new attitude and full enthusiasm.

The start of a new journey in the sound of blessing indicates a good start to the cause this year and a good sign for the development of the whole year.