Wuyishan Jianghe Intelligent Three-dimensional Parking Garage Put into Trial Operation

The original Jianghe Auto Repair Factory on Liuyong Road in Wuyishan City belongs to the old city. Due to the large number of residential buildings planned earlier, the boundary line of urban road land is close to the boundary line of street-facing buildings. When the intelligent garage is not built, the parking of the surrounding residents during commuting hours becomes a headache.

Wuyishan Liuyong Road Yuanjianghe Auto Repair FactoryBelongs to the old city, due to the planning of earlier residential area more,Boundary line of urban road landClose to the boundary line of the street buildingWhen the smart garage was not built, the parking of the surrounding residents became a moreHeadache problem.In order to improve the parking problem of the surrounding residents, the Wuyishan City Administration of Fujian Province took the lead in the financing and cooperation of various parties.preparatory constructionPublic Parking Lot and Intelligent Construction in Wuyishan City-- River intelligent three-dimensional parking garageProject.

LocatedWuyishan Liuyong Road Yuanjianghe Auto Repair FactoryofPublic Parking Lot and Intelligent Construction in Wuyishan City -- Jianghe Intelligent Three-dimensional Parking GarageIt is a ground floor area 4835.19 Square Meters,Underground construction area859.95 Square Meters,Underground1Floor above ground10 Floor full intelligent three-dimensional parking garage, totalParking258One is a vertical lift garage type.

During the construction and installation of the garage, the construction unit communicates closely with Party A to actively meet customer needs and strive to improve and optimize the original operation.System, enhance the user experience to make human-computer interaction more simple and convenient, access to the car operation more at a glance. Install at each car storage entranceLEDThe display screen, in which the running status, the number of remaining parking spaces and the type of remaining parking spaces can be displayed.

The facade of Jianghe three-dimensional parking garage adopts simple and modern design style, and the overall shape of the garage shows the high-end atmosphere of the city.2022Year9After the completion and acceptance of the three-dimensional public parking lot in January, it was put into trial operation, which effectively improved the parking difficulty for local residents.