Guangxi Rongshui County People's Hospital Stereo Parking Project

The original Jianghe Auto Repair Factory on Liuyong Road in Wuyishan City belongs to the old city. Due to the large number of residential buildings planned earlier, the boundary line of urban road land is close to the boundary line of street-facing buildings. When the intelligent garage is not built, the parking of the surrounding residents during commuting hours becomes a headache.

The parking space for the project is located at No. 73 Gongcheng Street, Rongshui Town, Rongshui Miao Autonomous County, Liuzhou City, Guangxi Province. The project uses four-storey and five-storey lifting and traversing mechanical parking equipment on the ground, providing a total of 315 mechanical parking spaces. Lifting and traversing three-dimensional garage has the characteristics of high technical maturity, simple operation, economical and practical, and is suitable for hospitals, residential quarters, supermarkets and other places. It not only facilitates the staff and patients to access the car in an orderly manner, reduces the parking waiting time, but also greatly alleviates the problems of parking difficulties and random parking in the hospital.

From the equipment design to the delivery of the three-dimensional parking lot project of Guangxi Rongshui County People's Hospital, Hengshui Qijia Parking Equipment Co., Ltd. carried out modular combination design and production according to the local terrain and space, thus achieving convenient on-site installation and operation.