Handan Vertical Lifting Stereo Garage Completed and put into Use

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Handan Vertical Lifting Stereo Garage Completed and put into Use

Recently, our company Handan Wei County a vertical lift stereo garage has been put into operation.

The garage is located in the North Market of Weixian County, with less land for pre-planning. With the rapid development of the local economy, the number of cars has also increased significantly, resulting in "easy to buy a car but difficult to park". "Parking difficult" is not only a development problem, but also a livelihood problem.

The problem of "difficult parking" has become a livelihood pain point that plagues people's travel. The county party committee and the county government insist on putting their hearts on the people, putting the people in their hearts, aiming at the wheels of the people's travel, and taking "building parking lots and solving urban diseases" as people's livelihood projects and people's livelihood facts. According to the actual situation of the city, in the north market area Build a parking lot. The vertical lifting three-dimensional garage built by our company has 162 parking spaces, which basically solves the problem of parking in the North Market. Because the garage has a distinctive appearance and a highly modern atmosphere, it has become another beautiful scenery in Wei County.